About WL

Winning Labour is about looking forward positively, not gazing nostalgically into the past or defending the status quo.

It is about meeting the challenges Ed Miliband has set to develop policies and a party organisation that will win back “Labour’s Lost Millions.”   Other groups are already energetically co-ordinating and expressing their prescriptions for the Party’s future.  We believe the voices and views of many Party members are not yet being heard fully in this debate.

Winning Labour’s agenda for victory embraces three core themes:

  • developing an economy based on fair taxation, public investment, and regulation of the market to benefit the many, not the few
  • promoting responsive, accountable, and high-quality public services free of damaging marketisation and privatisation
  • recognising the vital role of trade unions as champions of working people and public services, and developing their crucially important place in the Party

We may not all agree absolutely on every aspect of how we fulfil these aims. But we welcome contributions from anyone in broad agreement with them.


One thought on “About WL

  1. The three core themes are spot on and i agree we must continue to provide public services that are both universal and free for everyone. I also agree we need tighter regulation of markets and a fairer tax system.I believe that the labour party can bring all these ideas together and make a fairer,better country for everyone.

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