WL’s Big Red Book

Why a Big Red Book?

Just a bit of fun, really – but with a serious intent.

Anyone who’s anybody in Labour nowadays seems to have a colour, don’t they?  Blue Labour had already commandeered one colour (and they were welcome to it).  Progress are producing their Purple Book (and we recalled how Roman toffs used to trim their togas with purple to demonstrate their superiority).

So given the present vogue for colours, there could be a short list of only a one as far as WinningLabour was concerned. Red.

Many excellent Labour-leaning websites provide forums for wide-ranging debate. That’s why we feel justified in concentrating more narrowly on our three themes.  This website will develop articles addressing these issues.

If you want to comment, and possibly have your words of wisdom included in an update of the article, you can do so via this weblog.  Be advised, however, that pointless tittle tattle just isn’t going to make it.


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